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     Following are some of the more typical questions asked by those considering membership in The Women's City Club of Pasadena. We hope that the answers will help you better identify if membership is right for you. Please do not hesitate to contact us directly should you have any additional questions or comments.

How can membership in The Women's City Club of Pasadena (WCC) benefit me as a business person?

Most of our business members find that belonging to an exclusive, private social club benefits them by providing the following:
    1. A special place to bring and impress clients
    2. The opportunity to be part of a unique social and business support group
    3. A place that allows them to help make a difference in their community
    4. A chance to grow socially and be part of developing social activities

When is dining available at The Women's City Club?
Dining is available on a regular lunch and dinner schedule, as well as special breakfast meetings. Additionally, members may arrange for private group dining and parties such as weddings, birthdays, business seminars, etc. The Women's City Club of Pasadena prides itself in providing the highest quality in food preparation, prepared by a staff of our own culinary trained and certified chefs. The WCC features a fixed menu, fixed price dining experience. Menues are provided two months out and special dietary needs will always be accommodated for.

I'm recently retired, what types of social events are available?
The WCC offers a multitude of social programs, events, and other opportunities to spend quality “social” time with other members and guests. Bridge is an extremely popular activity at the club and there is always a group looking for another member to play. Lunchtime programs focus on activities that are specifically attractive to our “social” members and include everything from book clubs to movie screenings. (check out our Calendar and review the many club functions featured this month).

How much does it cost to join the WCC, and what will my financial obligations be on an ongoing basis?
The following is the schedule of fees associated with a “Social” membership.

Initiation Fee: $1000 (one time, non refundable)
Monthly dues: $123
Minimum club usage: $75 per quarter

Note: There are other classifications of membership packages for Businesses and for Non-profit groups (see Contact information)

Is it possible to visit the club and meet some of your members, perhaps even participate in one of your events?
Absolutely, the WCC would love to invite you to “sample” the club by attending one of our upcoming events. One of our membership committee members will introduce you to some of our members, give you a tour of our historic house, and answer any questions you may have about membership. Check out some of the upcoming opportunities (see Calendar) for prospective members to visit and see if membership is right for them.


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